A. Resources – Bridge Loans, Short-Term Financing, or Partnership

Highly experienced in looking at any given real estate investment, we are able to discuss and review most efficiently, a Loan-to-Value for purposes of a loan, or a price-level of interest, for purposes of partnering or purchase of the investment. We always remain committed to the confidentiality of your prospective investment, and to explore what we feel is best for you. If the economics of any given real estate investment meet our criteria, we can offer:

a) Bridge Loan
b) Short-Term Financing
c) Partnership or Joint Venture

B. Silent or Co-Partners

Bacall Development welcomes individuals seeking to earn a return on a passive basis, where they may be a silent, or co-partner, in one of our existing or new real estate investments. Depending on the equity you may consider investing, level of experience, and preferences, we would seek to match you to a real estate investment which matches your criteria and that you are comfortable with. We have numerous silent, or co-partners, which earn a return on a passive basis, receive regular distributions, and upon request, references and testimonials can be supplied.