Creative Solutions

A.    Creative Solutions for Distressed, Non-Performing, and REO Properties

 Bacall Development welcomes the opportunity to evaluate and consult owners of distressed and non-performing properties.  Our expertise in assembling a strategy and plan to restore the productivity of any given property, combined with our resources, relationships, and integrity make us not just well-suited, but your best choice to form solutions to your situation.

B.   Loan Resolution and Workout Solutions

Utilizing our company assets and intellectual knowledge, we perform the due diligence and analysis necessary, of any given property and loan situation, and are typically able to offer distressed owners multiple options to resolve their current loan situation.  Upon meeting and receipt of the appropriate information, we will perform our internal review and present various scenarios that an owner may consider.  Some scenarios are economically feasible and can be transacted and put in place rather quickly, and other scenarios require consultation and negotiation with the given Lender and/or other partners, which takes time.  Some typical options for a distressed owner to consider would be:

a)      Short-Term Loan, First Mortgage position, to Refinance existing Loan

b)      Short-Sale Approach

c)      Partner the Deal, utilizing our construction, property management, and marketing resources to add value and improve the performance, and value, of the property.